Barsol Primero Quebranta

Perfect» Amor, or Perfect Love, is named after the perfect marriage of Pisco and grape juice obtained shortly after the grape crush. Crafted in small batches, BarSol Perfecto Amor is a blend of fortified grape juice form the Quebranta, Italia and Torontel varietals. Each grape is juiced separately and fortified with pisco distilled of that same grape before fermentation starts. Then the fortified varietals are bended together to become BarSol Perfecto Amor.

Tawny golden in color, Barsol Perfecto Amor has the nose filled w ith caramel and nutty aromas to sweet almonds and macadamia nuts, entwined with flavors of raisins, dry apricots and a touch of quince paste.

When tasting it these characteristics intensify followed with a salty-sweet element combined with roasted hazelnuts and and earthy honeyed quality. It has a smooth, long finish, creating a seamless balance on the palate.

This aperitif wine is ideal for making cocktails as well as sipping it straight over ice and an orange twist.

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