The Bitter Truth Liqueurs come in a wide range of flavors, no matter if you looking for classic type, new interpretation ofthe well known orsimply forthe hard to find type of liqueurorspirit that hasn’t been made for manyyears.The BitterTruthApricot Liqueur isbased natraditionaIGermantipple, brought intothe’lOsfora modern audience. The nose is intensely apricot, in keeping with the dark amber lor. On the tongue, iots of sweet apricot jam character, a sort of earthierversion of a peach, about as authentic as it gets. The Bitte Truth Violet Liqueur is an homage to creme de violette, the long-dead and now-revived liqueur that is essential (in tiny quantities) to a handful of classic cocktail recipes (such as the one below). The nose is perf umyand floral, but the body issurprisingly mild and easy. A bit of blueberry fruit, light sweetness and a pleasant finish.

Since 200El, tiie German company The Bitter Truth has been doing its share to contribute to this development. It all started during a stay in Lond on d uring the Bar Show BAR “06 in June 2006. At th at show, Munich bartenders Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauckgave birth to the idea of producing and distributing cocktail bitters, asthey were hard to find in Germany and of inferior quality. The Bitter Truth Bitters were specifically designed for recreating classic drinks made true to the original recipe or for experimentation with modern cocktail creations. Our bitters are made the traditional way using only the best quality natu ral ingredients. The Bitter Truth bitters have received multiple awards and will continue to innovate the bar world.

Alcohol Content



0.20 ml


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