Carranca Redondo

Carranca Redondo is an exclusive, precious drink created in tribute to José Carranca Redondo, founder of Destilaria Portuguesa and the Licor Beirao brand, on the hundredth anniversary of his birth. “Carranca Redondo” was created using the same original and secret formula as the famous “Licor Beirao”, however, for the first time in the history of the brand, a change was made regarding the aging of the liqueur. The new liqueur contains 13 different, carefully selected herbal ingredients: lavender, mint, cardamom, eucalyptus leaves, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, vanilla, walnut kernels and other ingredients. All components are macerated for 20-25 days. This is followed by double distillation in copper stills. “Carranca Redondo”, unlike “Licor Beirao”, is aged in oak brandy barrels, which gives the taste and aroma of the liqueur versatility and richness. The design of the Carranca Redondo bottle is based on the prototype of an ancient bottle in which an elixir for stomach pain was sold in the 19th century, which became the progenitor of the most famous liqueur in Portugal, Licor Beirao.

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